Seb el Zin, composer-musician-producer, leader of the band ITHAK and of the cult ANARCHIST REPUBLIC OF BZZZ is back with a new solo EP: “Lingua Minimalista”.

Seb el Zin makes his debut in the electronic music scene by entering the stage through a door he designed himself : an atypical uptempo production, driven and influenced by two decades of exposure to turkish music, and filled with original and idiosyncratic sounds that will enchant every listener. By marrying traditional Ottoman patterns with prog-psy elements in a modern electronic music context, Seb El Zin has created his own language. Unlike the name of his debut EP “Lingua Minimalista” suggests, his productions are full of subtle melodic details and irresistible harmonies. 

The musician brings a fresh approach to the Indie electronic music world, making the label delighted to release his debut EP, a production that includes the title track “Lingua Minimalista” and the single “The Hashashins´Aksak”.

This EP has been released on the Berlin-based label Thisbe Recordings and its tracks have been premiered on Soundcloud via Feinstoff, Why People Dance and Mutant Disco. Remixes by French producer & DJ Andrew Claristidge and Berlin-based label head honcho Pyrame do complete the EP.